Why be so vague with a blog called “This One Girl’s Blog”? Honestly it’s not so vague at all it’s common and I find such humor in these stories told this way. We all have that one friend or loved one who describes their favorite actor or actress in a story explaining “Oh Yeah! I love that movie it’s got my favorite actress in it, you know, that one actress.” Some even get as inventive to tell an entire story that way. “This one girl told me to visit that one place in town where the food is really great and don’t forget to take that one road to get there, it’s got the best parking.”

I find myself saying phrases like this a lot and it’s always fun when someone catches me at it, as it turns into an ongoing joke between us. I am always up for finding the humor in life. In reality I am just trying to find a hobby for this one girl and hope to find humor, knowledge, and friends along the way.

If you enjoy my blogs (I hope you do), you do not even have to remember my name to share it with your friends. Just tell them to check out This One Girl’s blog.

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