Next Level Gift Guide: For the Men in Your Life

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Next Level Gift Guide (1)

When it comes to gifts I am always looking for that perfect thing to bring surprise and or that happy light into the gift receiver’s face. I do my utmost best to find something the person always wanted but never bit the bullet to purchase. Those are the best gifts as they show the person you were truly listening to them even in a time they may have not even realized they were talking out loud. The giving part as well as the happiness it may bring to this gift receiver is what brings joy to my heart.

That being said the men in my life are the absolute hardest to read when it comes to finding them the ultimate gift. While great gifts most of the time, I wanted to think out of the box instead of the typical gifts given to men such as golfing, grilling, and tool related gifts.


Gym Items:

Are those dirty stinky gym shoes festering in the corner of his room. Many guys get their full use out of their gym clothes, shoes, and gear, but find themselves too busy to go out and get more. These make great gifts to boost his mood for going to the gym.

Does he work out at home? Maybe there is gear he needs to help improve his home gym capabilities. Get him a TRX this is a total body home gym created in the Navy. It uses your bodyweight and gravity to give you an ultimate workout by incorporating suspension type exercise. TRX Training – Suspension Trainer Basic Kit + Door Anchor, Complete Full Body Workouts Kit for Home and on the Road

Audio Books

Audio Books:

You’ve still got to love those page turner books, but men do not always have time for them in their busy schedule. Whether it’s jumping between work, kids, or hobbies,men tend to need to make use of whatever time they have to enjoy a good book. Commutes, Road trips, heck even getting fifteen minutes in with a good book could be a great deal for your busy Guy. Get him an audiobook or a subscription to Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks. Where he can pick out his own thrill of an audio book depending on his favorite categories.

Hey maybe even a good audio book could be just the distraction to get him through his morning run. Sometimes when you’re a busy guy like my dad, it’s all about the multi-tasking. Why not get some enjoyment out of what might otherwise be a mundane time of his day.

On he can join the program depending on his listening needs and pick out audio books each month based on his subscription. As well as get discounts on extra books. Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks


Camping & Gear:

When I grew up camping was in a tent, a fire with marshmallows and self-carved roasting sticks, restroom off in the woods, and cooking food in a can over the fire. These days there are so many cool gadgets to optimize the trip it’s hard to pass them up. Does caffeine fuel your man? If he had the MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker he would be sure to wake up spry and ready for that sunrise hike. He wouldn’t have to wait for the old over the fire percolator to get percolating.

Maybe true camping is not your man’s #1 priority? Get him a cabin “glamping trip” by searching the getaways category on Groupon you’re sure to find him a less outdoorsy intense trip.

battlbox swag2

Subscription Box:

It seems like subscription boxes are all the rage these days. With anything ranging from make-up products, workout gear, healthy snacks, to books being sent like a little surprise straight to your door, it’s no question they are addicting and fun. While it seems like the boxes are geared more towards women there are men’s subscription boxes out there as well.

You may think a month to month cost for a one time gift is a little over your budget, but the subscription box I am about to suggest has a few different sized boxes that range in prices. You can choose to gift one box or if your budget allows have two or three boxes show up at your favorite man’s door. Once you’ve used up your budget just cancel or pass along the subscription to the gift receiver to keep enjoying on his own dime. is a kick butt subscription box geared towards men.

With tactical and survival gear themed boxes, that change from box to box, they are sure to please your hunting, camping, fishing, prepping, outdoor, “soon to be survivalist” Guy in your life. Just don’t be surprised if you find him camping in the back yard the same night his box arrives just so he can try out all the cool gear immediately.


Groupon Activities & Get Aways

Sometimes he just wants to get away, or go try a hobby he has always wanted to try but he never got around to. More often than not men do not speak their minds about wanting to do new activities or getaway for the weekend, but they enjoy it. Is the guy you’re shopping for in a different town or state than you? Perfectly fine you can shop Groupon near them and find a archery lesson, boxing experience, even a zipline tour without having to do all the searching yourself of the local area. Groupon does it for you.

Groupon discounts to take advantage of for a limited time only:
6/19: $5 off $20, $10 off $40, $15 off $60, $30 off $100 with code OFF.
6/18: Gift Dad – very last minute! Extra 20% off with HURRY20!

I hope this list helped spark an idea for a man in your life. Whether it is your dad, husband, son, or another family member, these gifts will help him pursue a hobby or passion he might be missing and give him a surprise he may not have been expecting.

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