Meet Your New Hobby: Candle Making Edition

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Meet Your new Hobby LH

You walk into a room and the scent of apple pie engulfs your nostrils. Is someone baking? No, that scrumptious smell is coming from a jar of wax precisely portioned with scent and color to draw on multiple senses. While I use candles to change my mood, because who doesn’t enjoy torturing their stomachs and taste buds with a good old cinnamon bun scented candle? Many use candles to drown out other scents. A stinky bed room, living room, or the infamous bathroom that was just stink “bombed” by that one guy or girl (yes girls poop too) at work. Whatever they’re used for, they have a distinct reputation of giving a better fragrance to the room for any occasion.

I can admit I am a bit obsessed with them. I can’t walk past a person’s desk without picking up their non-burning candle just to get a whiff of the smell. So… much like my solution for my obsession with shopping at target I decided it might be more “cost efficient” to join the team. Yes, I got a job at Target to get a discount because I liked shopping the clearance end caps so much, and with the same reasoning I decided to commit to make my own candles in hopes to not spend so much money on them.


The Kit

There is something about a “kit” that makes beginning a hobby seem much easier. Rather than fumbling around from the start making sure I have all the tools I need, If I can buy that one box of things that provides me with all the starter tools I am more likely to do it.  When I received my candle making kit for Christmas I was hopeful in starting my new projects. I imagined all the scents I could mix and match even who I could gift them to. See 5 Ways To Start Your Hobby With A Discount to see more about how I get my hobby supplies without breaking the bank.

When I opened the box and started pulling the pieces to my candle kit out, a fear of difficulty overwhelmed me. There was my childhood self, doubting the hobby before I even started it. If you want to read more about my silly childhood self check out 6 Reasons To Stop Doubting Your Hobby Pursuit

Pushing through this thought I began reading the directions and they were simple. The kit provided all the tools to create a simple candle and described how to do it quite well.

The kit included:

  • Wax
  • Wicks
  • Vanilla Scent
  • 3 glass jars
  • A double boiler
  • Thermometer
  • Stir sticks

This was, in my impression, a very good kit for a beginner candle maker. Here is a link to the one I have Soy Essentials Scented Candle Making Kit

Candle Wax

Extra supplies or refilling

A major thing about this hobby like many “well established” hobbies is they dedicate most of if not an entire aisle at the craft store to its supplies. So you will never have to search high and low to find what you need. If you live near a Hobby Lobby you can also find many refill items there and the benefit of Hobby Lobby is they have 50% off sales on these products very often. Not to mention they have an ongoing 40% off your single most expensive item at all times if you can pull it up on your smartphone. There is of course Amazon  to help you find the out of the ordinary parts to put your own twist on this hobby. When just starting a hobby I like to find the items quick, get to experimenting, and then bring in the full blown operation later. Which is why getting a kit like this gets me moving forward quicker with my hobby. Soy Essentials Scented Candle Making Kit

Along with my kit I wanted to try other scents so I purchased a peach-mango, apple pie, and lavender scent. Here is a great scent kit to start yourself off with other scents too Fragrance Oil Sampler Set With Bonus Oil- Green Apple, Clean Cotton, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Bonus Berry Cobbler- Scents For Candle Making and Soap Making- Works in Diffusers, Warmers As well as a different style of wick that is made with wood to create a fire wood burning type sound.Wood wick- Genuine Wooden Wicks for Candle Making DIY Candle 50 Sets – Brown, 15cmx1.25cm

Upcycling a possibility

Another plus about this hobby is a lot of times you can find jars, the vessels for holding your candles, just around your house. Did you use up the last of that spaghetti sauce or eat your last pickle? Well there is a perfectly good jar that, after some cleaning, can be re-purposed into a candle container. Just make sure you clean them thoroughly otherwise you could be gifting a pickle scented candle to your Aunt Susie.

Candle Light

Besides the obvious benefit of getting to have as many candles as you want there are several other reasons candle making can be a great hobby.

  1. Gifts to others
  2. Several ways to grow your skill
  3. Can experience with others
  4. Time frame for this hobby can be short or extended
  5. Easy set up and take down

Recently I have noticed that all my friends and family have purchased wax melting units which eliminate the burning of a wick at all. You just plop a scented wax cube or beads in to the cup and it heats them to melted form to dispense the scent. This I love! As you can plug these vessels in, turn them on and not have to worry about an open flame. So I have ventured into creating these non-wick waxes.

I got my mom a diffuser like this one for christmas, and then made the scented wax melts with my kit for her.  Candle Warmers Etc. Pluggable Wax Warmer, Fragrance Releasing Decorative Plug-In Nightlight Warmer, Moroccan Metal .She loved the half homemade half purchased gift.

It was extremely simple to make these wax melts with my silicone heart shaped ice mold. You could find different shapes of ice mold to appease the different personalities in your life. With just a tiny bit of oil to line the ice molds the wax popped right out of the mold perfectly shaped once dry. Here is a kit of ice molds a lot like mine with a couple different shapes included.Silicone Molds- SENHAI 3 Pack Candy, Chocolate Molds Ice Cube Trays – Hearts, Stars & Shells, Fun, Toy Kids Set

A major thing I like about beginning candle making is wax is re-meltable so I could experiment a little before determining I was happy with my finished product.

Watermelon Candle

Playing with this hobby I not only found a new appreciation to the store bought candle in my living room, I learned a lot of do’s and don’ts throughout the process. It is not as simple as I thought to properly boil wax, plop some scent in, and place a wick to create exceptionally smelling candle I desire, but it is also not difficult to get started. So this is the exact reason I like it I am still challenged to find the right portion of scent to wax, and continue to research new ways to scent a candle. There are several versions of candle I have yet to venture in to yet and look forward to taking those next steps. I am no pro at this hobby but in my experience if this sounds fun to you do not hesitate to get started. Candle making can be a great way to make money if you pursue it far enough, and with all the different types of candles there is always a new challenge around the corner.

If you’ve decided candle making is not your thing, check out my blog on whom in your life can help inspire your hobby at 5 People To Inspire Your Hobby or stay tuned for my next hobby trial to see if that might be your calling.

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