6 Reasons To Stop Doubting Your Hobby Pursuit


Stop doubting your hobby6 Reasons To Stop Doubting Your Hobby Pursuit And How to Quit

Who needs a Hobby?

I do I do. I need a hobby badly. If you’re anything like me you might need one too!

In my late twenties I have realized I need something better than Netflix to pass the free time, something I can engage my mind on and keep me striving for more. There are a lot of times that I am perusing Pinterest and find a project I would love to tackle. Time after time I begin to research how to begin this project and talk myself out of it. This is because I either cannot find enough information on it to get started, I can’t find a solution to the initial questions I want to ask, or I information overload myself. By asking the questions that so many new hobbyists may want answers to before starting I am hopeful in this pursuit to find my passion, and hopefully help others along the way. Whether it stays a hobby or grows into a career, a hobby should keep a person dreaming about always growing their chosen skill.

Let’s rewind, growing up I attempted tons of hobbies. Not to be vain, but I was “pretty good” at all of them. When I say pretty good I mean I was never picked last in Gym class, but I was also never picked first. No matter what I tried I was good at and then I quit, never committing to it. The list of things I have tried could go on forever so I won’t bore you with it all. I tried several instruments, sports, 4-H, etc. I would drop out when it came to the point of improvement. I was good at all of them but if pushing harder, improving my skill level became a factor to move forward I gave up. For example I made it to a third degree purple belt in karate, but to move on to a brown belt I required more discipline and a louder “Kia”. Yes, that loud sound you hear after powerful karate stance is made…I would not do it loud enough. That is what stood between me and my Karate growth. My shyness got the best of me most of the time, and the rest was pure stubbornness, but the truth is I just haven’t found what I am truly passionate about yet.

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Growing up in a small town I tried just about every hobby to keep me entertained but they were all so generic and I lost interest. I was never that person who knew my passion from a young age. Many things intrigued me but nothing kept my attention long.


I have a good job but it is not fulfilling my full happiness or potential. Crunching numbers is not exactly the most interesting topic to bring up in a conversation. Most people fake a fever and run out of the room when they hear I like math. I needed something to dream about and keep me striving for further knowledge. This is why I have decided to try hobbies, as many as I can, to experience them first hand and ask the questions many ask themselves, or should ask themselves, before starting a hobby. I guess you could say my hobby will be trying hobbies, and I will dedicate myself to this hobby so I can prove my juvenile self-wrong. To do this I had to stop talking myself out of things I wanted to do and start saying yes to more opportunities. Below is a list of typical excuses and how not to make them anymore.

I finally stopped talking myself out of things I want to do and this is how:


The first time you started that hobby maybe it was at an age where when someone told you what to do you did the opposite. Maybe your parents gave you an ultimatum like “It’s either hobby A or hobby B.”, and you did not get much choice of the matter besides choosing between the two. Leaving a bitter memory of hobbies in your mind.

Don’t let someone pushing you to do something cloud your vision of that thing. Once you open your mind to it you may discover it’s really interesting or fun. Leave the past in the past and try that hobby with a new attitude.




Sure you did some research and scoured the internet for information on this hobby you wanted to start, and after hour’s even days of research you found more cons than pros. That shouldn’t always talk you out of it unless you discovered without a doubt you would not like that hobby. If your pros look enticing and your cons are just things that scare you then try that hobby. You have to push through the things that scare you to find what truly makes you happy. If you spend too much time researching you may come out more confused than when you started, so just start that hobby and defeat the “cons” as you go.

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Sure money can be a huge factor when it comes to wanting to start a hobby, especially if you’re living paycheck to paycheck. Like in number two it might be that major “con” that’s keeping you from trying your hobby out, but there is always a way if you’re willing to put a little effort to it. There are ways to relieve the money part and I have listed them out in my post about 5 Ways To Start Your Hobby With A Discount


You’re worried this one is just going to be another failed hobby? I used to stress whenever my husband started a new hobby, as his hobbies always required a lot of initial investment (Money!) and I have a habit of being frugal, even when there is no need to be. Today I have a different attitude about all of his trial hobbies because like my younger self above each and every one of these hobbies he has tried has given him different wisdom and knowledge and helps him in his day to day interactions at work or in his social life. He can provide an unusual perspective of problem solving skills for work and more to converse about at a party which can only excel him in life. Plus by using some of the hobby discount pointers listed in blog 5 Ways To Start Your Hobby With A Discount we have even been able to make more money back than what we spent on some of his hobby equipment.


It’s like the excuse needing a gym buddy to go to the gym, but in reality your gym buddy is already there you just have to go find them. Just like the blogging community there are communities out there doing that hobby you are interested in. There is something about having that buddy to enjoy things with. Well until you find your community maybe find your favorite Youtuber doing that same hobby or follow boards on Pinterest. There are still ways to find a sense of community without immediately having to converse with a real life person. If you want to jump right in to find your community in person there are apps like Meet Up or check out your local Facebook groups that have easy ways to connect with your local community in your niche.



I have missed out on a lot of possibly great experiences, assuming I would not like it and not even giving it a second thought. If it’s not going to hurt you why not say yes to an experience the worst that could happen is you can come out of it saying “ I tried that, and I did not like it.” rather than having saying no and  regretting it later. The more you try things the more wisdom you have for the next experience in life.

Hopefully these tips will help you next time you doubt your next opportunity, and keep you encouraged to just start. Stop talking yourself out of those hobbies.

Do you have a success story? Have you made your hobby your passion or did you know from a young age who you were going to be and who you wanted to be? I sure didn’t but I would love to hear from both ends of the spectrum. Were you like me unsure of what you wanted to be in your future? Is there anyone out there who shared in the same struggle to find your passion as me, what pushed you to finally tackle your dream? I want hear from you in the comments below.

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