5 Ways To Start Your Hobby With A Discount

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I am no extreme couponer or penny pincher, but if you’re a person like me who often pursues new and different hobbies, it can’t hurt to learn to save money when and where you can. There are some tips and tricks you pick up to save what you can on new projects.

Although I did have a moment at the grocery store where the one item I had a coupon for also was buy one get one free and seriously considered extreme couponing as a new hobby due to the excited rush it gave me, I haven’t quite worked up the drive it takes to take that on yet. I have however learned to take a discount or get my money’s worth out the resources easily accessible to everyone.

Below I have listed some simple ways to save money when you are beginning your hobby or pursuing it further.

Bday Coupons.png
Use your Birthday or Christmas

If what’s holding you back is spending all the money it takes to get in to a hobby. Then put those items on your gift list for the next holiday. As an adult I typically have a hard time thinking of gifts I want for these holidays anyways as I am usually content with my basic necessities. This is when a new hobby item comes in handy because you do not have to spend the money on it and the person gifting you the gift can be sure they are getting you something you want.

Another way to use your birthday to save money includes certain points programs you sign up for at stores will ask for a birth date. A lot of times if this is provided they will send you a birthday discount. I do not always sign up for these points programs at stores because just about every store has them and I would not be able to keep a bag large enough to keep all the program cards, but it can’t hurt a thing to sign up at your favorite most shopped stores.

Discount Most Interesting man
Edited from: Dosequis. Png By Annagoldbergww (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

Groupon or Living Social

The people who know me well call me out as the Groupon queen. While it’s not always from https://www.groupon.com/ that I find my deals or coupons, but that is what my friends and family think. I am constantly stating “There is something on Groupon for that!” sort of like the saying “There’s an app for that” it’s not that I am constantly searching Groupon for everyday use coupons or discounts, but I do search for gifts, hobby, and outing ideas. I have a skill of absorbing the knowledge of what other people want or need and end up finding deals for that on Groupon so I make a mental note to share it with them. That is why I am called the Groupon queen because in their eye’s I must come home and scour Groupon for everything because I am always talking about it.

These sites can provide a great way to start your new hobby at a discount. It’s how I got started in archery because I found a majorly discounted lesson, and equipment rental. There are so many options from food, sports, local events, and fun. I even search it when we travel to find outings where ever we visit.

If you’re not familiar with https://www.groupon.com/ or Living Social they are platforms that offer the ability for typically local businesses to advertise for themselves by also providing great discounts. This allows the consumer to see what’s local and check it out for an awesome price, as well as provides an easy convenient way to purchase online.

Credit card

Recurring Coupons:

Many hobby stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels have recurring percent off coupons. Most the time you can even pull these coupons up on your phone right in the checkout line as you wait. Hobby Lobby for example does a percent off your most expensive item, so if I need multiple items for my hobby I’ll bring a friend (okay my husband who is obligated by marriage) so we can check out separately with a coupon and buy a couple of the items I need on discount.

Craft Supplies

Hobby Give Back:

Okay there is not exactly always a return policy on a hobby you’ve invested in, but there is no reason to not get a little return on a hobby you tried and maybe it was not for you. Make a Meet Up, Start a local Facebook event, or get together with friends and see if you can trade unwanted hobby materials. Facebook has come out with a “Marketplace” where you can sell items like a garage sale. There are even stores that are dedicated to buying your leftover hobby materials to resell. You may even develop some friends to be inspired by in your journey.

Dino Upcycle


There could be items lying around your house that can be used for your next hobby. You may even find items at a garage sale for a fraction of the price that pertain towards your hobby. For example in the picture above, an old lunch box was upcycled to be an electrical housing for a fishing boat. This person saw a new need in order to grow in their hobby and was able to modify an already owned item instead purchase something brand new.

Don’t let costs of a hobby keep you from pursuing it, dream big, open your mind to new possibilities, and try that hobby. It could be your calling. A high percentage of the time there is always a way to save money when starting or continuing to pursue your hobby. Any other discounted ways to start a hobby I missed? Did you have a hobby you did not start because you were worried about cost?

Don’t have a hobby yet? Check out my list of people to inspire you and your next hobby here. 5 People To Inspire Your Hobby

8 thoughts on “5 Ways To Start Your Hobby With A Discount

    1. Thanks, most the people I want to get gifts for in my life are adults who just go out and buy what they need when they need it. So when it comes down to getting them a gift for their birthday or Christmas my go to gift is to support their hobbies in some way. 🙂


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  2. Planes & Champagne

    These are such good ideas! I used to be avid fans of groupon and living social but then unsubscribed as I couldn’t keep up with their emails. I have more time on my hands now so I’m definitely going to re-subscribe as there’s always a great deal to be had!

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    1. They do send a lot of emails, but I set up a separate email from my personal email. This way it did not overflow my personal email and I could check the other one when I felt like seeing what was on Groupon, Living Social, and other sites I am subscribed to.


  3. Great List. I like they call you a Groupon Queen,
    Upcycling is my favorite way of crafting though. And i have a long list of hobbies :/ pretty much all relate to crafting.
    I have never been to Micheals but have always wanted to (I visit US sometimes), travelling to States again tomorrow hopefully I will make it to Micheals this time 🙂

    I took a crafting challenge you might want to look here:https://amuslimmama.com/category/ramadan-craft-challenge/

    I blog at amuslimmama.com

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