4 Thoughts on The Phrase “Just Google It”

4 Thoughts on the phrase just google it

4 Thoughts on The Phrase “Just Google It” When it Comes to Google Vs. Human Interaction

Maybe I am just getting to the point where I use the expression “Back in my day” or I am just not with the times, but when someone uses “Just google it” as an answer to my question with no deliberation at all it’s upsetting. Sure Google is handy in certain scenarios, but I don’t believe it should be the immediate answer to all. Don’t get me wrong I love Google it has proved my point, saved my homework assignment, and helped me find the solution to my most deliberated first world problems time and time again. Most of my job and hobbies consist of having my face in the computer and living in the digital world. So when an in person human conversation arrives at my front door I encourage full engagement.

This is difficult if one or both parties prefer to talk to Google about it.

Google Typewriter



When someone confuses one actress for another and you just can not let them go on thinking that, then google is an awesome way to prove them wrong, or right. How about those history buffs who pride themselves on knowing the dates of key historical events or when that president was born. Put two of them together and there may be an argument needing solved over the correct date then google is your man, or woman, to provide the third party answer. Debates are healthy and bring all sorts of topics to the table. So I’m grateful to have google to help solve these debates and educate all parties involved for future conversations. Even if some topics are silly they obviously mean something to those discussing them and others. If Google has the answer then someone somewhere had to have thought of the discussion before. Although don’t get sucked into the deep dark hole trying to get your answer and forget you are in a room with your friends. Use Google to keep the conversation flowing then get back to the conversation.


When it’s easy to have another misconstrue your email and take a feeling about it you weren’t trying to portray I’d prefer to call a person and discuss something with them over the phone. There is not always that opportunity to make a phone call in my office setting so typically I have to send an email. If you stare at words long enough or haven’t written them in a long time it’s easy to become paranoid that you are using the wrong version of it. Google provides that two-second double check to ease your mind.

Sitting alone in your office trying to write a memo to the entire office and realize how embarrassing it would be if you used the wrong form of a word or misspelled it? Well pop right over to google and check the spelling and definitions of the word. At least when you accidentally hit “Reply All” and not just “Reply” your over shared email will have its spelling and grammar on point.

While reading a book you come across a word you do not know, why not google it to learn something new? By all means grow your vocabulary.

Just Google it


At the office you ask your boss or superior for their wisdom or knowledge, then they reply “Just Google it.” It’s frustrating, especially if they look at you like your stupid for not thinking of that. Sure, googling it would be my fall back but if there is an opportunity to have a no technology face-to-face conversation. WHY NOT? I am respecting you in basically assuming you have an input or knowledge and can start an educational conversation. So you choose to basically divert an intellectual conversation to google? I can google just about anything, but what if I come out with the wrong solution to the situation? It seems that for just about every right answer on google there is three wrong. So why leave it up to chance if you can ask someone who can or should know the information you’re looking for? Especially if the person you are asking started a business in said subject.


I hear it over and over again in a casual conversation people telling others to google their symptoms. EEEK speaking for my hypochondriac self (google diagnosed) Don’t Do It! Even the strongest hearted person can lead themselves down a deep dark hole of their symptoms and come out of it in cold sweats of fear. There are too many related symptoms in different illnesses that you could have the common cold but think otherwise. Okay I realize temptation gets to us sometimes we think heck if I could only ease my mind maybe I can convince myself out of going to the doctor. 9 times out of 10 I end up clicking link after link until I am convinced I have something horrifying. Medical diagnosis seem like their best left to the Dr. Or educated individual who will want to see and talk to you in person to rule out the possibilities.

I am in no way telling you what to do with your google abilities. Do what makes you happy, but don’t compromise your reality and make google your all-knowing guru that is the only source of information. Don’t find yourself telling someone else to “Just Google It” as they were probably asking you the question to start a conversation, which is a difficult thing for some of us introverts trying to be extroverts.

Any other thoughts on Google involvement in our everyday conversation? Are there pros and cons in your mind as to people’s ability to split second Google something you’re conversing about? Does it help or hurt your day to day interactions?

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13 thoughts on “4 Thoughts on The Phrase “Just Google It”

  1. I like this piece. “Just Google It” as a means to blow someone off is hurtful. For as great as Google has become, it does pose issues in terms of interpersonal communication. It’s convenience has cost us the ability to learn and retain knowledge on own, in some cases.

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  2. There’s something about the ease of access to Google that appears to engage our curiosities, perhaps leading us further down the rabbit hole when it comes to learning, but there’s a certain something that it misses that can only be found in conversations.

    May I suggest “A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life” by Brian Grazer and Charles Fishman? I’m reading it at the moment, and this post makes me want to dive back into the book.

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  3. Google as powerful it may be is still a part of the internet and my word, Internet is never transparent neither does it provide authenticity. It is the power of technology which has persuaded man to transform the world into a mechanical one in search for an utopian digital future while living in a dysphoria and dystopian present. Loved this one. Keep writing.

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