5 “Spoiler Alert” People You Should Avoid Conversation With

spoiler alertAs an avid Netflix and Redboxer I have become a generation of human that waits for the major TV shows and movies to come out on those platforms. Sometimes I wait months from the release date other times its years from the release date, but all I know is it takes great ninja technique to avoid spoilers in the news, on social media, and in public. That is why when I have done my best to avoid spoilers I very much dislike those people who ruin it in a second for me after all that hard work. Some of you might say “Hey if you’re going to be cheap and not pay for the immediate entertainment than you deserve it.”, but I think it’s resourceful. Gone are the days that I pay for cable just to get 85 % of channels I do not watch, along with commercials galore, and the movie options provided are a rip off. I just cannot justify paying extra all the time to see a movie as soon as it comes out. Sure every once and a while I will splurge for a theatre movie, but that is what makes it so fun is that it is such a rarity.  When I do go to a movie I will fully commit. Going full out, purchasing all the snacks to get the total experience. Otherwise I will wait, holding my breath, that I do not run into one of the below type of people ready to spoil the waiting method I have developed.

The Bragger

It’s almost as if they want to be the first to see the movie to boast to all. This bragger feels as if they do not clarify that they saw the movie before you that you won’t believe them. So what do they do?  They describe how great it is and in turn release some sort of news about the movie or TV show like the climax or the ending that no one would know unless they watched the movie. Whether it is in a review article, a YouTube video, on Facebook, or in a person to person conversation this person has to divulge details about the program they watched in order to be a part of the so called “saw it first” group therefore ruining the movie or TV show for us few “peasants” who have not seen it yet.

The Conversational Code Speaker

At a party with all your friends and the conversation turns to what you’re all currently watching, it’s your turn to spill, but wait, your one maybe two seasons behind the rest of them. Suddenly the room is quiet the group is staring at you in disbelief that you are not caught up on the series. The conversation either comes to an awkward halt because the group does not want to ruin the current season for you, or the code talk begins. The group starts talking in code specific to that series. “Did you see so and so in the last episode, and what they did with so and so?” another party goer describes to the other, “Yeah, Yeah, it made me cry so much!” someone responds. Now you’re stuck in the torcher of not being able to be a part of the conversation, but also not wanting to ruin the show for yourself. They begin to proclaim the show’s most iconic quote and all you can do is stare and hope even the code talk does not ruin the show for you. It may even break you and you just burst out in “Oh just tell me already! It won’t ruin it for me!” There is usually someone who slips up and lets out the most pivotal moment of the TV show or movie before you even ask.

The Blurter

The blurter, at least in my reaction with them, is typically in the conversation at a party like described above, but occurs when the tables are turned and no one else has seen the movie or TV show this person brought up. As you all go through the shows you have seen in common and laugh about the “inside jokes” you share because of the shows dialog. You somberly talk about your favorite character that was killed off and how much you miss them. Finding a TV show or movie in common with your friends is so gratifying, but if you’re that lone person out it’s almost like a struggle to climb your way back in to the conversation. People react differently to this scenario, they might find a different conversation to join, smoothly transition the conversation in a direction they can relate to, or they become the blurter. This person struggles to push the conversation in a different direction and maybe tries to bring up a different TV show. “Oh, yeah, like in the ending of the show LOST?” The group stares at them blankly, “Did you guys watch LOST?” Everyone at the party responds “No.” still staring blankly. Then it is almost like this person goes in to a panic. You can see the gears turning in their head that their drowning the conversation and then boom it happens like word vomit. They blurt out what happened in the ending and the show is ruined.

The Binge Watcher

Netflix and so many other platforms like Netflix that place their business model around a monthly fee and unlimited, commercial free, content at your fingertips, have now begun to come out with their own series. This has created the new animal called the binge watcher. These new to the scene type shows come out with an entire series released all at once which has changed the game. Now you never know what episode someone could be on the series compared to you because it all comes down to the time that particular person has to free reign the show. Before you knew if that person was watching the same series as you that they at least could not be ahead of you and cause a spoiler to happen as the shows released week by week. I’ll admit it I am a binge watcher. If one episode ends on a climax that is so uprooting to the show I do not have the mental strength to hold out even a night before I want to watch what happens in the next episode. When the 4 part mini-series of Gilmore Girls was released on Netflix I had already re-watched the original series 3 times and that was with in the month before the new mini-series was released. I cannot even count how many times I had watched it before then. So I told myself I would take my time with the new series. I would only watch one a week. As the release of more episodes was such a dream come true I did not want to rush through it like so many other series on Netflix before it. The dance you and other binge watchers do to determine if you’re on the “same page” of the show is a spoiler waiting to happen. Asking each other what episode you’re on will never work as a binge watcher almost never knows. They get so sucked in to the show they just roll on through episodes not paying attention until it’s over. So as you attempt to figure out what episode each other are on you begin describing major events in each episode. It’s like Russian roulette of spoilers until all the sudden one of you is further than the other and slap there is the spoiler for the other person.

The Recapper

When someone asks me if I saw a movie and I have not, I tell them no, but I refuse to ask them what it’s about in fear that they are that one person who always tells the story in a way that gives away the entire movie. Kind of like those movie previews that all the good parts of the movie are in the commercial. If your friends saw a movie but you’ve never heard of it of course you’re going to ask for a snippet to see if it sounds like a movie you want to see, but oopsie your friend ends up sharing the entire story trying to explain the movie to you.

All in good fun don’t worry movie and TV show spoilers we still love you. Just try not to share your spoiling talents with the rest of us. What do you guys think, do you have a friends or family members who do this? Are you this person? Do you know a different type of movie or TV show spoiler type?

I’d love to hear from you.

11 thoughts on “5 “Spoiler Alert” People You Should Avoid Conversation With

  1. Melissa Jellie

    I can’t stand spoilers of any form. So I tend to avoid all of these types of people.
    However, I’m definitely a binge watcher. Except I’m not annoying about it. I keep to myself. Lol


    1. Melissa, I’m a binge watcher too. I’ve just resorted to telling people to watch the trailer if they haven’t heard of it because I’m too nervous I might become the spoiler trying to explain how good it is.


  2. You described so well the types of spoilers, I guess you really had many bad experiences with them. I am the kind of person that even if I know the end I still watch a movie if the subject is interesting enough. I like to see how they develop the plot and the how well actors perform. But I must say I am the kind of person that can watch a movie 2-3-4 times (not all of them, of course) because I liked how a specific character was played, for instant.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree if the movies or show is good I’ll watch it over and over again. I interact with spoilers a lot, and nothing is to say I haven’t done it myself a few times. Good hearing your perspective on this, thank you.


  3. You described so well the types of spoilers, I guess you really had many bad experiences with them. I am the kind of person that even if I know the end I still watch a movie if the subject is interesting enough. I like to see how they develop the plot and the how well actors perform. But I must say I am the kind of person that can watch a movie 2-3-4 times (not all of them, of course) because I liked how a specific character was played, for instant.


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