5 People To Inspire Your Hobby

5 people to inspire your hobby

Why not be inspired by the exact hobby of someone you know. They can provide you with a great advantage of advice on what to do and what not to do in starting the hobby. Whatever you fear is holding you up from starting a hobby could be the same hurdle another person had to jump to get where they are today. What could it hurt to ask them how they got over it? If their hobby is not exactly what you want to do let it inspire a new hobby of your own. Either way working together with others to get your hobby going can encourage them to grow, and get your feet off the ground with your interest as well. Whether it is a hobby or life lessons the five following people in your life could be great sources of wisdom.

A Co-Worker or Boss

A while back I had met a couple at work and quickly discovered that if they wanted to do something they went for it. I watched as their passions ensued on Facebook and all the joy it seemed to bring to them. And no I am not just talking about the portrayal of happiness some people try to keep on Facebook. I am talking true happiness of experiencing following their dreams and it poured from their attitudes at work. They were interesting, encouraging, and downright inspiring. We quickly became friends and they truly motivated me to take on my interests in full force even if I feared failure. I learned a lot from this couple as they seemed to have short term and long term goals for their hobbies. They would set their little goals to get to the ultimate final goal and made it happen every time. This couple has gone through several hobbies now some have stuck and some have been put aside, but they do not regret any of the experiences they’ve had along the way. These type of people in my perspective will have advice about several different types of hobbies and can give good guidance about what to do and what not to do to get started.

A Sister or Brother-in-Law

A great example of Hobbybacking (hobby piggy backing) my sister-in-law loves baking. I on other hand do not have a baking bone in my body. What I do have is the love that she loves baking therefore I try to encourage her hobby with baking gift baskets full of fun new baking things. Gift baskets, a hobby? Of course it is and if your hobby can make other’s hobbies thrive than even better. Not only is it a hobby but if you love it enough it could become a business. You do not have to have anything in common with someone in order to relate with their hobbies, you just have to want to support their hobbies. This in my experience will always give you some sort of learning experience towards your own hobby or passion.

Your Best Friend

She has kids, she works out, her house is immaculately clean, and works a full time job. Yet she still finds time to have a hobby. Here is a perfect opportunity to hone in on her ability to do it all and while you may not enjoy the same hobbies. She may still have some amazing tips on how she does it. I find myself coming home from an 8 to 5 Forty hour a week job and I am “too exhausted” to do anything. Yet there is so much more time in the day to do a hobby; obviously so if my best friend, on top, of her job gets so many more things done in a day. So if you’re not interested in her hobby at all at least hone in on her skill to make use of all hours of her day and then some. All in all she may feel great just knowing that some one sees her efforts to have it all together.

An Aunt or Uncle

I have learned a lot from every single one of my wonderfully talented Aunt’s and I appreciate all of their hobbies. As a tomboy growing up, shopping was never really my niche. Then when my parents sent me out to North Dakota to visit my Dad’s side of the family his eldest sister taught me really how therapeutic it is. My Dad’s other sister taught me to enjoy the little things, she could find joy in just about any activity, making it her own. While their hobbies range all over the board I have learned so much from each and every one of them, and most of all received tons of words of wisdom along the way. My parents are absolutely inspiring in their own way, but sometimes hearing their brother and sisters ideals on life can open your mind to a different perspective.


A younger generation’s view on things could be just what you need. It seems a little off beat to think about it, but kids sometimes have the greatest hobbies.  Maybe it’s because they haven’t been sucked into the adulthood duties yet and have extra free time or they do not have the responsibility of bills yet. There is nothing blocking their imagination from adult reality opening their minds to all options. Sometimes as adults we stunt ourselves from reaching for the stars because the real world has truly slapped us in the face hard.  As education evolves so does the extracurricular activities offered or made available for children and teens. Maybe it’s a hobby you can do with your kids, nieces and nephews, and family that everyone enjoys. Possibly your hobby is supporting your kid’s hobby, but all that matters is it’s something you enjoy yourself.

While it’s easy to see what someone has or does and be jealous of it, it’s much easier to create a crowd of people around you that you support and they support you, sharing in each other’s hobbies. Trying new things with your friends and family may not start your next big life change but they can create lasting memories. I want to hear who inspires you. Any other people you would add to this list? What hobby have others inspired you to do?

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